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Boring Machine Repair – Overhaul of Simpuech SP 50 Horizontal Boring Machine

The Problem

Our client asked us to carry out an overhaul of the machine, due to excessive noise whilst in use. In addition, the machine was experiencing poor feed engagement.

Although the machine manufacturer ‘Simpech’ doesn’t exist as a company any longer, this machine is very versatile and nowadays you would need to buy 2 different machines to perform the same tasks that this obsolete machine can do. This machine is fairly small in size.

What We Did

We stripped the machine down, identified worn bearings in the PIV gearbox, intermediate gearbox shafts and main machine spindle shaft. These were replaced along with a new PIV chain.

The head feed gearbox was stripped down, worn bearings identified and replaced, worn gears replaced with new manufactured ones.

The Result

Our client is extremely happy with the repairs, the machine is in daily use and runs like new.

Image Showcase

Boring Machine Repair - Side View - AP Mechanical Engineering
Side view of Simpuech Horizontal Boring Machine
Boring Machine Repair - PIV Chain - AP Mechanical Engineering
PIV Chain
Boring Machine Repair - Side View 2 - AP Mechanical Engineering
Side view 2 of machine
Boring Machine Repair - Gearbox - AP Mechanical Engineering
Head feed gearbox
Boring Machine Repair - Worn Gear - AP Mechanical Engineering
Worn feed gear to be manufactured/replaced.
Boring Machine Repair - Drive Shaft - AP Mechanical Engineering
Feed drive shaft
Boring Machine Repair - Spindle Shaft - AP Mechanical Engineering
Main machine spindle shaft, waiting for the new gears to be manufactured.

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