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Food Packaging Machine Repair – Realignment of the Drive Shaft in a Food Packaging Machine

The Problem

AP Mechanical were requested to realign the main drive shaft in a packaging machine, due to a jerking nature whilst running. The client also needed us to install a torque limiter/ clutch to prevent damage when the machine jams. The original set-up caused a pin to shear causing a large amount of downtime.

What We Did

We modified the frame of the machine, moved the main gearbox so that the drive and driven shafts were now vertically aligned. A new shaft was manufactured and clutch unit installed. This was set to trip when the driven shaft had excessive resistance.

We installed a sensor on the clutch to stop the machine when the drive trips, this prevents damage, stops the machine and alerts the operator to the fault on the HMI screen.

The Result

The work carried out has led to reduced equipment damage and production downtime.

Image Showcase

Food Packaging Machine Repair - Shaft - AP Mechanical Engineering
Original gearbox/shaft set up showing poor alignment. Pin shears when machine jams.
Food Packaging Machine Repair - New - AP Mechanical Engineering
New shaft/clutch installed, new brackets to reposition drive gearbox. Trip sensor installed.

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